Wakefield Group 2016 syllabus

Note, all these dates are correct but the talks could change places to help the speakers fit in their talk.

Thursday January 21st.

Talk and images by Brian Coop, subject the "Coop Legacy", about his Father Tim Coop who raised many of our finest Auricula varieties.  



 Thursday July 21st.

A talk and images by Malcolm Forster on some of the characters to be seen in the Northern section.

Rogues Gallery ??????



Thursday March 17th.

AGS shows in March by Terry Mitchell, hopefully pictures from the Loughborough and Kendal shows in 2016. usually some nice primulas to be seen.



Thursday September 15th.

 A talk and images on Tulips by Teresa Clements who is Secretary of the Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society. She may bring some bulbs along to sell.



NOTE A Wednesday meeting *****

Wednesday May 18th.

Seedlings night, a chance to see and talk about Primula and Auricula seedlings grown and seen in 2016, if you have any seedling pictures please bring them and we will show them.

Thursday November 17th.

Slides Night, your chance to see again the plants that graced our benches at this years shows, pictures taken by various members. If you have any slides of plants at this years shows please bring them along and we will do our best to show them, slides or Digital.

 Thursday April 21st.         ADDITIONAL MEETING FOR 2016.

We are holding a small show at this additional meeting, there will be 8 classes in total. So bring along a few of your best auriculas and primulas on the night to be judged by all present.

1, 1, Edged Auricula. 2, 1 Self Auricula. 3, 1Alpine Auricula. 4,1 Double Auricula. 5, 1 Border Auricula. 6, 1 GLP. 7, 1 Primula, European Species or Hybrid. 8, 1 Primula other than European Species or Hybrid.

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