The National Auricula & Primula Society

Northern Section

Seed Exchange 2020

ID Species Name Donor
1 Auricula Ballet Rousse (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
2 Auricula Bowens Blue (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
3 Auricula Brasso -yellow self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
4 Auricula Cream Cracker x Doug Lochhead Colin Humphrey
5 Auricula Cream Cracker x Taffeta Colin Humphrey
6 Auricula Dilly Dilly x Victoria Park Alan Clelland
7 Auricula Eaton Dawn - AOC self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
8 Auricula Fanny Meerbeck - red self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
Auricula Finlay Thomas x Furze Platt - blue self
Colin Humphrey
10 Auricula First Light (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
11 Auricula Geronimo (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
12 Auricula Golden wedding - GC Alpine (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
13 Auricula Helen - yellow self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
14 Auricula Jilting Jessie - stripe (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
15 Auricula Manray - GC Alpine (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
16 Auricula Moon fairy - fancy (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
17 Auricula Mrs Hearne x Stella North Alan Clelland
18 Auricula Regency Emperor - stripe (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
19 Auricula Regency Valentine (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
20 Auricula Royal Mail - red self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
21 Auricula Sonia Nicholle (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
22 Auricula Spring Meadow - fancy (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
23 Auricula Strawberry Fields - AOC (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
24 Auricula Taffeta - AOC self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
25 Auricula Terpo - GC Alpine (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
26 Auricula Tiptoe - stripe (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
27 Auricula Trafalgar Square - fancy (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
28 Auricula Twiggy - AOC self (open pollinated) Malcolm Wright
29 Auricula Victoria Park x Dilly Dilly Alan Clelland
30 Auricula Wye Hen x Minty Colin Humphrey

31 Primula Alpicola Alba Jeanie Jones
32 Primula Beesiana Jeanie Jones
33 Primula Capita Jeanie Jones
34 Primula Cashmeriana Jeanie Jones
35 Primula Chionantha Jeanie Jones
36 Primula Denticulata Jeanie Jones
37 Primula Elatior (open pollinated) Elizabeth Hall
38 Primula Florindae (good red parent) Jeanie Jones
39 Primula Florindae Jeanie Jones
40 Primula Japonica White Jeanie Jones
41 Primula Japonica Red Jeanie Jones
42 Primula Kewensis (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
43 Primula Kewensis (open pollinated) Elizabeth Hall
44 Primula Prolifera Jeanie Jones
45 Primula Pulverulenta Jeanie Jones
46 Primula Scotica (open pollinated) Colin Humphrey
47 Primula Scotica (open pollinated) Elizabeth Hall
48 Primula Sikkimensis Jeanie Jones
49 Primula Veris Jeanie Jones
50 Primula Veris (hose in hose) Jeanie Jones
51 Primula Vialii Jeanie Jones
52 Primula Waltonii hybrids Jeanie Jones

Please send order to Chris Gill, 8A Church Lane, Southowram, Halifax, HX3 9TD.

1. A PDF Order Form is available for printing off, please ensure you have entered all your details, we may need to contact you regarding your order.

2. Give seed number and second choices if any. If selections unavailable a credit note will be issued, DO NOT send an SAE.

3. Up to six packets cost £2-50, (Overseas £3-50 to cover postage).

4. Each additional packet thereafter costs 30 pence.

5. Pay in Sterling, cheques  MUST be made payable to The National Auricula and Primula (NAPS) Society. Postal orders, cash sterling or upper limit cheque accepted.

6. Priority is given to donors, then paid up members of NAPS then none-members.

Seed Exchange Order Form PDF