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The following are books in no specific order on Auriculas and Primulas that you may find useful, it is by no means a comprehensive list and many of them are now out of print, however you can still get copies from the library in many instances and second hand book shops get copies from time to time and will put you on their list if you specify a particular book to them.  

NEW-- Published September 2009, The Auricula (History, Cultivation and Varieties) by Allan Guest. ISBN 978-1-87067-362-4

Auriculas their care and cultivation,  by Brenda Hyatt, Published by Cassell  ISBN 0 304 32245 8, published 1989

Auriculas, by Gwen Baker & Peter Ward, published by Batsford  ISBN 0 7134 7366 5  published 1995

Auriculas for Everyone, by Mary A Robinson, published by Guild of Master Craftsmen  ISBN 1 86108 149 9, pub 2000

The Auricula, by Rowland Biffen, Garden Book Club, published by Cambridge University Press, published 1949

Auriculas, by Roy Genders, published by John Gifford, Ltd first published 1958

Florists Auriculas & Gold Laced Polyanthus, by C G Haysom, published by W H & L Collingridge Ltd first published 1957

Auriculas & Primroses by W R Hecker, published by B T Batsford, published 1971

Primulas old and New,  auriculas, primulas, primroses, polyanthus, by Jack Wemyss Cooke, published by David & Charles inc, ISBN 0 7153 8731 6

Primroses & Polyanthus, by Peter Ward, published by B T Batsford, first published 1997 ISBN 0 7134 8183 8

Primroses, by Roy Genders, Garden Book Club, published by Gifford, first published 1959

Primulas of Europe & America, an Alpine Garden Society Guide, by G F Smith, B Burrow & D B Lowe, first published 1984 ISBN 0 900048 41 7

Primulas in the Garden, by Kenneth Charles Corsar, Garden Book Club, new and revised edition 1952

The Book of Primroses, by Barbara Shaw, published by David and Charles first pub1991 ISBN 0 7153 9807 5

Asiatic Primulas, by Roy Green, an Alpine Garden Society Guide, first published 1979.

Primula, by John Richards, first published 1993, new revised edition 2002 published by B T Batsford, ISBN 07134 8728 3

A Plainsman's Guide to Primulas, by Philip Swindells, published by Ward Lock Ltd, first published 1989 ISBN 0 7063 6739 1


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