EVENTS. Limelight.

Ossett Show. The Society holds three shows annually, the first of which is usually held on the first Saturday in April and is primarily a Primula show, this year again the show will be held at the War Memorial Community Centre in Ossett,  West Yorkshire WF5 8AN. date for 2019 is Saturday 6th of April.

Cheadle Show.  The second of the three shows is primarily an Auricula show and is usually held on the first Saturday in May at the Kingsway School, Foxlands Road, Gatley, Cheshire, SK8 4QX (2017 date for 2019 is Saturday 4th of May). 

Newbottle Show.  The third of the three shows is again primarily an Auricula show and is usually held on the second Saturday in May at the Newbottle Workingman's Club at Newbottle, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, DH4 4EP.(2019 date is Saturday 11th of May).

York Show. Note it is a Saturday show not a Sunday show as in the past so Sat 13th of April at Recreation Hall, Wiggington nr York YO32 2LL, please check with York Florists to confirm this date and venue for full details.

Harrogate Spring Show.  The Northern Section usually has a display of Auriculas and Primulas at this 4 day Spring show, with members present to give help and advice to members as well as the general public on all aspects of obtaining specific Primulas and Auriculas, and growing and showing, the dates for 2019 are Thursday 25th of April to Sunday 28th of April inc. Please check to confirm.

AGM, The Society holds its AGM in the Autumn, usually on the last Saturday in October, details appear in the yearbook every year giving dates, times and the venue, it usually takes the form of a full day seminar and a plant sale usually takes place at this event, a good way to spend a day with friends and fellow enthusiasts. Date for 2019 is Saturday 26th of October.


The National Auricula & Primula Society (Northern Section) extends a warm welcome to exhibitors, families, friends and all visitors. There is no admission charge to any of the Shows. Staging of plants to be finished by 12 noon at all Shows. Plants should be correctly staged in good time for Judging. Please do not touch, move or interfere with any exhibitor's plants. Consult the Show Superintendent if you are unsure in which class a plant should go, or if a plant needs to be moved, or if there is insufficient bench room in a class. The following are the new revised rules and regulations 2017.


At both the Primula Show and the Auricula Show points are awarded in classes according to the number of pots or/pans as below.

Number of pots or pans

6 pots,  1st = 18 points, 2nd =12 points, 3rd =6 points

4 pots,  1st = 12 points, 2nd =8 points, 3rd = 4 points

3 pots  1st =  9 points, 2nd =  6 points, 3rd = 3 points

2 pots 1st = 6 points,  2nd = 4 points , 3rd  = 2 points

1 pot  1st = 3 points,  2nd = 2 points,  3rd = 1 point

Premier Medal & Premier Card each count as 5 points

Best in Show = 4 points

Best in Section Cards = 3 points

                                 Primula Show Schedule

Exhibits to be staged before 12.00 noon. Judging commences 12.00 noon

Section 1 Species Primulas

Section 1a European Species excluding Pp allionii, marginata & vernales


1 Two pans dissimilar

2 One pan

3 One pan not to exceed 6.5" diameter

4 One pan not to exceed 3.5" diameter

Section 1b European Species, Pp allionii & forms, marginata & forms,vernales.

5 Two pans P.allionii dissimilar

6 One pan P.allionii

7 One pan P.allionii not to exceed 3.5" diameter

8 Two pans P. marginata dissimilar

9 One pan P. marginata

10 One pan P. marginata not to exceed 4.5" diameter

11 One pan cowslip or oxlip

12 One pan P.vulgaris

13 One pan any other P.vernales

Section 1c Non-European Species

14 Two pans dissimilar excluding denticulata, petiolaris & Japanese

15 One pan excluding denticulata, petiolaris & Japanese

16 Two pans section petiolaris, dissimilar

17 One pan section petiolaris

18 One pan section denticulata

19 One pan Japanese primula

20 One pan non-hardy primula

Section 2. Hybrid Primulas

Section2a. Hybrids excluding Pp allionii, marginata and vernales

21 Three pans, dissimilar

22 Two pans, dissimilar

23 One pan

24 Two pans, dissimilar, not to exceed 6.5" diameter

25 One pan, not to exceed 6.5 " diameter

26 One pan, not to exceed 3.5" diameter

27 One pan border or garden auricula

28 Two pans border or garden auricula

Section 2b. Hybrids of P. allionii and marginata

29 Two pans x allionii, dissimilar

30 One pan x allionii

31 One pan x allionii, not to exceed 3.5" diameter

32 Two pans x marginata, dissimilar

33 One pan x marginata

34 One pan x marginata, not to exceed 3.5" diameter

Section 2c. Non-European Hybrids

35 Two pans Asiatic hybrids, dissimilar

36 One pan Asiatic hybrid

37 One pan any other non-European hybrid

38 One pan non-hardy, non-European hybrid

Section 2d

39 One seedling primula hybrid, raised by the exhibitor

40 One pan primula, raised by the exhibitor

Section 3. Garden Form Vernales Primulas

41 Two pans, primroses, dissimilar

42 One pan, primrose

43 Two pans, polyanthus, dissimilar

44 One pan, polyanthus

45 Two pans, double primrose or polyanthus, dissimilar

46 One pan, double primrose or polyanthus

47 One pan, blue primrose or polyanthus

48 One pan, small flowered type polyanthus or primrose

49 One pan, Jack-in-the-green

50 One pan, hose-in-hose

51 One pan, any other anomalous primrose or polyanthus

52 One pan, multi stemmed gold laced polyanthus

53 One pan, multi-truss silver-laced polyanthus

54 One pan, any other Vernales hybrid

Section 4. Floristís Flowers

Section 4a Floristís flowers

55 One edged auricula

56 One self auricula

57 One alpine auricula

58 One striped or fancy auricula

59 One double auricula

60 Two gold-laced polyanthus, any ground

61 One gold-laced polyanthus, red ground

62 One gold-laced polyanthus, dark ground

Section 4b Floristís flowers Novice growers

63 One show auricula

64 One alpine auricula

65 One striped auricula

66 One double auricula

67 One fancy auricula

Section 5 Decorative Section

68 One pan, three identical primulas

69 One pan primulas or auriculas, arranged for effect

70 One table decoration of any primulas and/or auriculas

with any foliage (base not to exceed 10 inches by 10 inches)

Section 6 Novice growers

71 One pan European species, excluding P.allionii

72 One pan P.allionii

73 One pan European hybrid

74 One pan non-European, species or hybrid

75 One pan any other P.vernales type


The Brierley Cup Most points in Section 1

The Millward Cup Most points in Section 2

Doris Jean Jacques Cup Most points in Section 3

The Webster Cup Most points in Section 4

The Crocker Cup Most points in Section 6

Ogden Cup Best unnamed primula seedling

Vernales Plate Best Vernales Seedling

Lincoln Cup Best auricula in Show

Zanini Cup Most points in the show

Spring Cup Best exhibit in the show

The Bob Taylor Trophy Best Florist's GLP in Show (Classes 60, 61 and 62)

Premier Medal

The following list contains known forms of Primula marginata which may be exhibited as species.

Adrian Evans, Alba, Allen Jones, Amethyst, Arthur Branch, Alpbach, Baldocks Mauve or Purple, Barbara lough, Beamish China Edged,

 Beamish var, Beatrice Lascaris, Beverley Reid, Boothmans var, Caerulea, Casterino, Clears var, Collected form, Correvons var, Crenata,

Cut leaf form, Crookes var, Dark Seedling, Dr Jenkins, Drakes form, Dwarf form, Dwarf form 1, Dwarf form 2, El Bolton, Elizabeth Fry,

Ex Mount Cheiron, Evening Star, German Cultivar, Gold Leaf, Gold Plate, Grandiflora (Carnea), Highland Twilight, Hiliary, Holden Clough,

Hollyleaf, Inschriach, Janet, Kath Dryden, Kesselrings var, Laciniata, Lilac form, Longifolia, Maritime form, Millard's var, Miss Savoury,

Mrs Carter Walmsley, Miss Fell, Marven Stoppi, Messingham, Mullier, Mrs Gatenby, Napoleon, Night Light, Nancy Lucy, Oxember,

Pale Pink, Pale Blue form, Peters var, Prichards var, Pinkie, Remagen, Rubra, Rosea, Sharps var, Shiptons var, Stardust, Sheila Denby,

Snow White, Susanna, Small flowered form, The President, Thrumeyea, Violet form (seedling),Waithmans var, White Pearl.

                                     Auricula Show Schedule

Exhibits to be staged before 12.00 noon. Judging commences 12.00 noon

Section 1. Show Auriculas


1 Six plants, at least four dissimilar

2 Four plants dissimilar

3 Three plants, dissimilar

4 Two plants, dissimilar

5 One plant, self or edged, originally raised by the exhibitor

6 One green-edged

7 One grey-edged

8 One white-edged

9 One yellow self

10 One red self

11 One dark self

12 One blue self

13 One self, not otherwise scheduled

14 Three self's, dissimilar

15 One green-edged seedling

16 One grey-edged seedling

17 One white-edged seedling

18 One self seedling

Section 1a. Show Auriculas Novice Growers

19 Two plants, dissimilar

20 One edged auricula

21 One self auricula

Section 2. Alpine Auriculas

22 Six plants, at least four dissimilar

23 Four plants, dissimilar

24 Three plants, dissimilar

25 Two plants, one light-centred, one gold-centred

26 Two gold-centres, dissimilar

27 Two light-centres, dissimilar

28 One plant, either centre, raised by the exhibitor

29 One gold-centre

30 One light-centre

31 One gold-centred seedling

32 One light-centred seedling

Section 2a. Alpine Auriculas Novice Growers

33 Two plants, dissimilar

34 One gold-centre

35 One light-centre

Section 3. Double Auriculas

36 Four double auriculas, dissimilar

37 Three double auriculas, dissimilar

38 Two double auriculas, dissimilar

39 One double auricula

40 One double auricula raised by the exhibitor

41 One double auricula seedling

Section 3a. Double Auriculas Novice Growers

42 Two double auriculas, dissimilar

43 One double auricula

Section 4 Fancy & Striped Auriculas

44 Three fancy auriculas, dissimilar

45 Two fancy auriculas, dissimilar

46 One fancy auricula

47 Two striped auriculas, dissimilar

48 One striped auricula

Section 4a. Fancy & Striped Auriculas Novice Growers

49 Two fancy auriculas, dissimilar

50 One fancy auricula

51 Two striped auriculas, dissimilar

52 One striped auricula

Section 5. Gold-laced Polyanthus

53 Two plants, any ground

54 One plant, red ground

55 One plant, dark ground

Section 6. Hardy Primulas

56 Two primroses, acaulis types

57 Two double primroses or polyanthus

58 One double primrose or polyanthus

59 One primrose, Jack-in-the-green, hose-in-hose etc.

60 Two primroses, Wanda or Garryarde type

61 Two polyanthus, dissimilar, other than blue or gold-laced

62 One polyanthus or primrose

63 Two cowslips or oxlips, any colour

64 Four European primulas, not otherwise scheduled, dissimilar

65 Two European primulas, not otherwise scheduled, dissimilar

66 One European primula, not otherwise scheduled

67 Two Asiatic or American primulas, dissimilar

68 One Asiatic or American primula

69 One Primula Sieboldii, four rhizomes in pot not exceeding 5"

70 One Primula Sieboldii, any pot size

71 One Pan, any size, of three primulas of the same species, variety or cultivar

72 One Primula hybrid seedling, excluding vernales

73 Two border or garden auriculas, dissimilar

74 One border or garden auricula

75 One pan primulas or auriculas arranged for effect

76 One table decoration of primulas and/or auriculas, with any foliage


The Society Show Cup Most points in Section 1

The Society Alpine Cup Most points in Section 2

GLP Cup Highest aggregate of points including Primula Show

The Society Seedling Trophy Best exhibit in show seedling classes

The Newton Trophy Best grey edged auricula in the show

The Teem Trophy Best green edged auricula in the show

Tim Coop Trophy Best exhibit in class for three selfs

Richard Westwood Trophy Best show self auricula

Riddle Trophy Best entry in alpine seedling classes

The Faulkner Trophy Best exhibit in class for exhibitor raised alpines

The Baxter Cup Best exhibit in Section 1a

J.W.Midgley Memorial Cup Most points in Section 1a

R.H.Briggs Cup Most points in Section 2a

J.H.Stant Centenary Trophy Best plant in Section 2a

The Salt Pot Most points in doubles classes

Monica Whorton Salver Best entry in class for one seedling double auricula

The Ferns Cup Most points in Section 6

Bracewell Cup Best plant in Section 6

The Hunter Cup Most points in the Show

Premier Medals for sections 1, 2 & 3

        North East Group Auricula and Primula Show.

All exhibits to be staged by 12 noon. Judging commences at 12 noon

Section 1 Show Auriculas


1 Four show auriculas, dissimilar, at least two edged varieties

2 Two show auriculas, dissimilar

3 One green edged

4 One grey edged

5 One white edged

6 One yellow self

7 One red self

8 One blue self

9 One dark self

10 One self, any other colour

11 One edged auricula seedling

12 One self auricula seedling

Section 1a Show Auriculas Novice Growers

13 One edged auricula

14 One self auricula

Section 2 Alpine Auriculas

15 Four alpines, dissimilar

16 Two alpines, dissimilar

17 One alpine gold-centred

18 One alpine light-centred

19 One alpine seedling

Section 2a Alpine Auriculas Novice Growers

20 One alpine gold-centred

21 One alpine light-centred

Section 3 Double Auriculas

22 Two double auriculas, dissimilar

23 One double auricula

24 One double auricula seedling

Section 3a Double Auriculas Novice Growers

25 One double auricula

Section 4 Fancy and Striped Auriculas

26 One fancy auricula

27 One striped auricula

Section 4a Fancy & Striped Auriculas Novice Growers

28 One fancy auricula

29 One striped auricula

Section 5 Gold Laced Polyanthus

30 One gold laced polyanthus

Section 6 Species & Hybrid Primulas (Max pot size 6" full, 8" half)

31 One Asiatic or American primula species, not otherwise scheduled

32 One Asiatic or American primula hybrid, not otherwise scheduled

33 One European primula species

34 One European primula hybrid

35 One primula Sieboldii

Border Auriculas

36 One border auricula


Harry Leighton Trophy and engraved glass to winner of Class 1

North East Group Plate and engraved glass for best edged auricula

Durham Plate and engraved glass for best self auricula

Bishopís Plate and engraved glass for best alpine auricula

Rose Bowl and engraved glass for best double auricula

Primula Rose Bowl and engraved glass for best plant other than auricula

Ronald Memorial Shield and engraved glass for best plant in Novice Sections

Premier Medal awarded at Judges' discretion for Best Plant in Show.

Rules for Members, Exhibitors and Standards can be found in the new Members Hand Book on the Information page of this website.


Avril. Chiquita. Etna.

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