N A P S          NORTHERN SECTION  SHOWS  2004   
                            OSSETT PRIMULA SHOW   APRIL 2004
               Fairy Rose       Premier, Fairy Rose grown by  J Mercer
Judged the best Primula in show on the day, this superb large pan of the Allionii hybrid Fairy Rose raised  a number of years ago now by the late Ken Wooster. Grown and exhibited here by John Mercer of Bradford in West Yorkshire. The pips flush a darker colour as they age so you can get a range of the pastel colour pink on the plant as seen here. Reputed to be one of the more difficult ones to keep going, it is  said to be prone to rotting off very quickly if over watered or if water gets onto the foliage through careless watering or condensation drips in the greenhouse or cold frame.

photo by T Mitchell

          Netta Dennis Best in Novices Netta Dennis by P Bergson
Best primula shown by a novice was this superb example of the Aureata Hybrid "Netta Dennis" raised by John Dennis of Doncaster South Yorkshire and named after his wife. It was grown and shown on this occasion by Miss P Bergson of Halifax West Yorkshire.

Belonging to the Asiatic group of primulas it likes to be kept moist as well as cold and well shaded which makes it difficult to keep it happy through the Summer months, ideally grown in Alpine house or cold frame with good ventilation and grown in clay pots which are best kept plunged up to their rim in damp sand.

Photo by T Mitchell

          Fasciculata       Fasciculata grown by D Lockey
Primula fasciculata, a relatively new re-introduction but fast becoming popular and easy to see why, it is becoming easier to obtain these days. Another of the Asiatic group of primulas found in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. Grown and shown here by D Lockey who lives in the North East of England at Heddon on the Wall. It can be raised by seed or division, division best carried out in the early Spring when starting in to new growth, likes cool humid shady conditions, alpine house or cold frame.

Photo by B Nottingham

         Moonglow          Moonglow grown by J Hole
Auricula Moon Glow, seen here exhibited by J Hole who comes from Darley Dale in Derbyshire. This plant was judged best in the class for Self's. Raised in 1975 its a Leeside Yellow x Ower seedling raised by D Hadfield, it is described as being a creamy-green colour and has fine form, one that should be in every serious exhibitors collection.

Photo B Nottingham

              Bolero            Bolero grown by J Hole
John Hole getting the double by benching the best Alpine in show also, a fine example of the Gold Centred Alpine Auricula Bolero. 

First raised in 1964 by C F Hill and is a Bratley x Shako seedling, always much sought after and consistently in the prize winners since its introduction, not too generous in producing offsets unfortunately but still produces enough to ensure its appearance every year at most shows. Has a tendency to produce a truss with large numbers of small pips but not in this instance.

Photo by T Mitchell

Polyanthus Hose in Hose    Hose in Hose seedling grown by W Deere
This tiny Seedling Hose in Hose Polyanthus was judged to be the best in all of the vernalis classes. A wonderful rich yellow colour. Grown and shown here by Bill Deere from Gale Lane Nurseries, Nawton, North Yorkshire. The hose in hose and jack in the green types seem to be in vogue at the moment and there are a number of members producing some fine plants that draw attention where ever they are seen, seed for these types is always in demand but no guarantees are given that resultant seedlings will be like the parent, but there is usually a percentage that are unless you are unlucky.

Photo by K Leeming

               Rusbyi             Rusbyi  grown by T Mitchell
Primula Rusbyi, grown here by T Mitchell of Ossett West Yorkshire, won its class in the species section. This plant was raised from seed obtained from the American Primrose Society a few years ago and was labelled wild collected seed from New Mexico. Flowered early this year to make the appearance at the Ossett show in early April, usually flowering later in April and into May, an attractive easy going primula that seems to do ok here in pots given Alpine house conditions.

Photo K Leeming

                Snow Queen  Snow Queen [seedling] grown by K Leeming
Judged to be the best primula in the seedling class and subsequently named Snow Queen, grown and exhibited by K Leeming of Sandbach in Cheshire. Its one seedling from a batch raised about 5 years ago from a Pedemontana Alba cross, Pedemontana Alba being the seed parent. Pedemontana and Pedemontana Alba are Species primulas native to the Alps along the French and Italian border, and also Western Spain.

Photo by K Leeming

                 Petiolaris            Petiolaris grown by D Lockey
This superb pan of Primula Petiolaris was exhibited by Derek Lockey  from Heddon on the Wall up in the North East of England, judged best in its class in the Asiatic section of the show.

Most if not all the Asiatic primulas carry the title "Difficult" and this one being no exception was a welcome sight at the show. Its native habitat is Nepal and Sikkim and was only introduced into this country in the 1950,s.

Grows and multiplies well given conditions to its liking which are cool moist shade, most of the Asiatic section of primulas seem to grow and survive much better the further north they are grown in England, seem to do especially well in Scotland.

Photo T Mitchell

NAPS Northern Section Harrogate Show April 2004 Awarded        Silver Gilt Medal
The Northern section put together the display as seen below at the Harrogate Spring show this year, using the familiar format of Auricula Theatre with a selection of Primulas to the front of the Theatre. This year proved difficult and plants of a standard were hard but not impossible to find mainly due to the unsettled weather leading up to the show with many Auriculas not being ready for us to use. Special thanks to the whole team who built and manned the display and provided the plants, and to the public who come along every year to see us and our plants with kind words and encouragement.


                         CHEADLE AURICULA SHOW, MAY 1st 2004

PREMIER, Show Auricula, Gavin Ward          Gavin Ward, shown by R Westwood
Judged Premier Show Auricula on the day Gavin Ward as seen here grown by Mr. R Westwood of Mow-Cop in Staffordshire.

Raised by Mr. P.Ward of Bristol, Peter raised Gavin Ward in 1976 from a Walhampton x Teem cross, Peter named the seedling after his son and considered it to be the best Grey he has raised. It is considered to be a good reliable grower but it does not freely produce offsets so is always much sought after by exhibitors and collectors of fine Grey Edged Auriculas.

photo by T Mitchell


Best Green Edged,  Tamino            Tamino, shown by J Gibson
Tamino was judged best Green Edged Auricula, grown and shown on this occasion by Mr. J Gibson of High Burton near Huddersfield West Yorkshire, It was raised by David Hadfield and is becoming very popular with exhibitors now that it has found its way in to many exhibitors collections, some even say it is destined to take over from the ever popular Prague another fine Green Edged raised by David.

Photo by T Mitchell

Premier Alpine, Ancient Society        Ancient Society, shown by J Eddington
Awarded the Premier for best Alpine Auricula in show was this fine example of Ancient Society, shown on this occasion by Mr. J Eddington of Rotherham South Yorkshire.

 Ancient Society was raised by Mr. K Bowser not too many years ago and was named after the Ancient Society of York Florists. Many of the Northern Section exhibit at the annual show of the York Florists. A popular Gold Centred Alpine Auricula that many exhibitors now grow.

Photo by K Leeming

Premier Double, Crimson Glow      Crimson Glow, shown by K Whorton
Crimson Glow took top honours in the Double Auricula classes with this one being judged the best and awarded Premier. Show by Mr. K Whorton who lives at Holmes Chapel near Crew in Cheshire.

Crimson Glow was raised in 1998 by Ken himself from a Winnifrid cross so it must have been doubly pleasing for him to win with it at this show. The classes for Double Auriculas have excelled in recent years with many new exhibitors coming forward to raise new varieties and show them in ever increasing numbers to very high standards.

Photo by K Leeming

            The Show Bench,  Top Class for 6 pots of Show Auriculas,  Cheadle 2004
 This section of the show bench shows the top class for 6 Show Auriculas, quite an achievement to even bench 6 show Auriculas to this standard. The winner on this occasion was Mr. R Westwood who as well as taking the Premier with his plant of Gavin Ward was judged to have the best 6 pots of Show Auriculas on the day.

Photo by T Mitchell

            The Show Bench,   Top Class for 6 pots of Alpine Auriculas Cheadle 2004
This section of show bench shows the top class for 6 pots of Alpine Auriculas, again quite an achievement to produce 6 fine well balanced Auriculas to these standards. The winner on this occasion was Mr. K Leeming who comes from Sandbach in Cheshire.

Photo by T Mitchell


                     NEWBOTTLE SHOW  MAY 8th  2004                      

  Best Alpine Auricula, Gary Pallister             Gary Pallister,  shown by K. Leeming

The Gold Centred Alpine auricula Gary Pallister was judged to be the best alpine auricula in show and was exhibited on this occasion by K.Leeming who comes from Sandbach in Cheshire.

It must have been doubly rewarding as Gary Pallister was raised by Keith a few years ago, parentage unknown, and the plant obviously named after the footballer of that name.

Photo by K Leeming

   Best Grey Edged, Gavin Ward               Gavin Ward, shown by K. Whorton

Gavin Ward was judged best  Grey Edged auricula in show and this one was exhibited by K Whorton who is probably better known for his work in raising new varieties of Double auriculas.

Gavin Ward was raised in 1976 by Peter Ward of Bristol from a cross of Walhampton and Teem and subsequently named after Peters son Gavin, just one of many fine Auriculas raised by Peter who was the Midland & West section's Secretary for many years.

Photo by K Leeming

 Light Centred Alpine, Kevin Keegan               Kevin Keegan, shown by K. Leeming

The popular Light Centred Alpine Auricula Kevin Keegan also shown by K Leeming  of Sandbach Cheshire and again named after the footballer.

Raised in 1983 by Derek Telford who now lives at Oaks near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but came originally from the North East of England Derek has been a prolific raiser of fine Auriculas and especially Alpine Auriculas over the years.

Photo by K Leeming

 Best Double Auricula, Prima                   Prima, shown by K. Leeming

The Double Auricula Prima proved to be the one to beat again and took top honours as best Double Auricula in show, this one also shown by K Leeming.

Prima was raised only a few years ago by Mr. D Tilt who comes from Halesowen. I am told it was raised by Derek from seed he received from Mr. K. Whorton ex Northern Section President who is well known for producing a number of fine new varieties of Double Auriculas. Slow to offset so still not easy to get an offset, but it does seem to be slowly finding its way in to exhibitors collections now.

Photo by K Leeming

  Green Edged Auricula, Verity                 Verity, shown by R. Taylor

This relatively new variety Verity made an appearance once more at the Newbottle show where it made its debut, the plant seen here was exhibited by its raiser R Taylor, who comes from Baildon near Bradford in West Yorkshire.

 It made its first appearance as a seedling at this show last year and was the result of a cross with Figaro being the seed parent. Bob has raised a number of fine  Green and Grey Edged auriculas  over the years, Bob told me Verity is capable of producing some good pips though it is annoying that it also produces some not so good as well, a good truss and a strong and vigorous plant it is surely one to keep an eye on for the future. Bob says it hasn't settled down yet but has high hopes that it will in the not too distant future.

Photo by K Leeming

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