Seed List 2018
Number Name Species Donor
1 Au Alpine Mixed DSK
2 Au Argos x Lois Mae BM
3 Au Blythe Spirit x First Lady BM
4 Au First Lady x Blythe Spirit BM
5 Au Scorcher Brick Lane BM
6 Au Twiggy x Simply Red BM
7 Pol Blue Polyanthus x Silver Laced Primrose DS
8 Pol Large Pink Cross DS
9 Pol Large Red x Orange DS
10 Pol Medium Red x Red Polyanthus DS
11 Pol Polyanthus ex Barnhaven (OP) JG
12 Pol Red x William Genders  striped DS
13 Pol Silver laced lavender Polyanthus x Silver Laced lavender poly DS
14 Pr Bulleyana JJ
15 Pr Florindae JJ
16 Pr Florindae  orange / red JJ
17 Pr Grandis JJ
18 Pr Japonica JJ
19 Pr Japonica Cleo CH
20 Pr Japonica Pen,s Pink CH
21 Pr Japonica Postford White CH
22 Pr Japonica Splendour CH
23 Pr Japonica Valley Red CH
24 Pr Kewensis  OP CH
25 Pr Polyneura Pink EH
26 Pr Secundiflora JJ
27 Pr Sieboldii Pink x White AG
28 Pr Sieboldii  Pink x White Lacing AG
29 Pr Sieboldii Pink x White Stripes AG
30 Pr Sikkimensis JJ
31 Pr Viallii JJ
32 Pr Waltonii JJ


Au = Auricula.

Pol = Polyanthus.

Pr = Primula.

Op = Open Pollinated.


EH = Elizabeth Hall.

CH = Colin Humphrey.

AG = Alan Guest.

BM = Bob Middleton.

DS = Derek Salt.

DSK = Dave Skinner.

JJ = Jeanie Jones.

JG = Jackie Giles.


1,Please return order to C M Gill, 8a Church Lane, Southowram, Halifax, HX3 9TD.

Please ensure you have printed your name, address, telephone number and or e-mail address.

2, Print seed number and give second choices.

3, If unavailable a credit note will be issued, DO NOT send an SAE.

4, Up to six packets cost 2-50, (Over seas 3-50 to cover postage).

5, Each additional packet thereafter costs 30 pence.

6, Pay in Sterling, cheques made payable to NAPS seed list.

7, Postal orders, cash sterling or upper limit cheque accepted.

8, Priority is given to donors, then paid up members of NAPS then none members.seed_exchange.htm

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