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                                         PRIMULA MARGINATA SPECIES

The following list contain what are believed to be Primula marginata species, either wild collected or created by crossing pure species marginata. If you think any listed here are hybrids please let me know and if you know of any that you believe to be species that are not listed please let me know via my website email at the bottom of the home page.


                                               PRIMULA MARGINATA SPECIES  @  2011       


                                                                                Marginata  Longifolia

                                                                                Marginata Millenium

 Marginata  Adrian Evans                                              Marginata  Maritime form

 Marginata  Alba                                                          Marginata  Millards var

 Marginata  Amethyst                                                    Marginata  Miss Savoury

 Marginata  Arthur Branch                                              Marginata  Mrs Carter Walmsley

 Marginata  Alpbach                                                      Marginata  Miss Fell

 Marginata  Baldocks Mauve or Purple                              Marginata  Marven Stoppi

 Marginata  Barbara Clough                                            Marginata  Messingham

 Marginata  Beamish China Edged                                    Marginata  Mullier

 Marginata  Beamish var                                                 Marginata  Mrs Gatenby

 Marginata  Beatrice Lascaris                                           Marginata  Napoleon

 Marginata  Beverley Reid                                               Marginata  Night Light

 Marginata  Boothmans var                                             Marginata  Nancy Lucy

 Marginata  Caerulea                                                      Marginata  Oxember

 Marginata  Casterino                                                     Marginata  Pale Pink

 Marginata  Clears var                                                    Marginata Pale Blue form

 Marginata  Collected form                                             Marginata  Peters var

 Marginata  Correvons var                                              Marginata Prichards var

 Marginata  Crenata                                                       Marginata  Pinkie

 Marginata  Cut leaf form                                               Marginata  Remagen

 Marginata  Crookes var                                                 Marginata  Rubra

 Marginata  Dark Seedling                                              Marginata  Rosea

 Marginata  Dr Jenkins                                                   Marginata  Sharps var

 Marginata  Drakes form                                                 Marginata  Shiptons var

 Marginata  Dwarf form                                                  Marginata  Stardust

 Marginata  Dwarf form 1                                               Marginata  Sheila Denby

 Marginata  Dwarf form 2                                               Marginata  Snow White

 Marginata  El Bolton                                                     Marginata Susanna

 Marginata  Elizabeth Fry                                                Marginata  Small flowered form

 Marginata  Ex Mount Cheiron                                         Marginata  The President

 Marginata  Evening Star                                                Marginata  Thrumeyea

 Marginata  German Cultivar                                           Marginata  Violet form (seedling)

 Marginata  Gold Leaf                                                    Marginata  Waithmans var

 Marginata  Gold Plate                                                   Marginata White Pearl

 Marginata  Grandiflora (Carnea)                                    

 Marginata  Highland Twilight

 Marginata  Hiliary

 Marginata  Holden Clough

 Marginata  Hollyleaf

 Marginata  Inschriach

 Marginata  Janet

 Marginata  Kath Dryden

 Marginata  Kesselrings var

 Marginata  Laciniata

 Marginata  Lilac form