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                       APRIL 2009 at OSSETT

This is a selection of some of the wonderful primulas exhibited at the annual Primula show of the Northern Section on the 4th of April 2009 at Ossett, West Yorkshire. It was an outstanding show and must rank as one of the best for many years, apologies if you were there and I have not included your favourites here but I hope you enjoy seeing again those that caught my eye.

Plants to note were, Best in Show and Premier "Moonlight" shown by Dreena & Martin Thompson from Lincolnshire, they also won  the best seedling in show with a white "Lindum Seedling". In the vernalis section judged best in section I have labelled it as "Premier Polyanthus seedling" to differentiate it from the other Polyanthus Seedling, both were shown by Bob Taylor. Best "GLP Dark Ground" was shown by John Eddington and best "Red Ground GLP" by Chris Wood, Terry Mitchell won best 2 pots of GLP.

In the Auricula classes John Gibson won the Alpine classes with the Light Centred "Ian Greville" which was also judged the best Auricula in show. Chris Wood won the Edged class with a "Minstrel x Teem seedling", Garry Hammerton a newcomer and novice won the self's class with "Scorcher", Pat Salt had the best Double Auricula with "Lincoln Bullion" and Alan Guest had best Fancy with "Crimple", best auricula in the novice section was "Twiggy" shown by C. Bould, best "Table Decoration" was shown by Penelope Scott Rowley.

Other plants of note were, "Herbert Beresford" shown by Susan Sutcliffe, "Joanna" shown by Penelope Scott Rowley, "Primula Elatior" shown by Elizabeth Hall," Lady Greer" shown by Alan Guest, and in the 2 pots class "Anwen" and "Ellie May" shown by John Mercer, again apologies to any not mentioned, they were all superb.