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                                         SATURDAY APRIL 10th 2010 AT OSSETT

A good show despite earlier fears of the long harsh winter that seemed to go on for ever so on the day plants were thin in numbers in some sections but made up in other sections and overall some quality plants arrived on the day. I hope the following pictures give a good representation of what appeared on the benches at this show and sorry if you were there and I haven't included your favourites, the following is information on some of the winners on the day.

Best in show and winner of the Spring Cup and Premier Medal was John Gibson for the his own raised Hybrid "Primula Mochrum" in a large 9 inch pan, John also received the Millward Cup for most points in section 2. John Mercer received the Brierly Cup for most points in section 1, and Bob Taylor received the Doris Jean Jacques Cup for most points in section 3.

Most points in section 4 won the Webster Cup for Alan Guest and the Crocker Cup was awarded to Vivien Self for most points in the Novices section. John Cattle won the Lincoln Cup for his yellow self "Twiggy" judged to be the best Auricula in show and John went on to win the Zanini Cup for most points in show.

Derek Salt had a good day winning the Vernales Plate with a very dark almost black "Cowichan" type seedling and also the Ogden Cup for his "David Valentine x Primula Mayeri" seedling, Pat Salt benched the best Double Auricula "Lincoln Bullion".

To my mind the Primula Marginata classes and the European Hybrid classes made the day with some wonderful specimens being benched at the show.