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               Saturday the 12th of May 2018. at Newbottle.

A very good and enjoyable show despite the sort of stop start and late spring this year and some pretty cold wet weather for most of it, more plants on the benches than most had expected I think and a good mix of  Auriculas and primulas on the day. A sample of plants benched on the day follow the list of winners and trophies on the day, I hope you enjoy seeing them again or for the first time if you couldn't get to the show on the day.


                     WINNERS & TROPHY'S.

Harry Leighton Trophy & engraved glass for 4 show Auriculas,      B. Coop.


North East Group Plate & engraved glass for best edged Auricula  "Septimus Green" B. Coop.


Durham Plate & engraved glass for best self Auricula “Brasso" T. Atkinson.


Bishop’s Plate & engraved glass for best alpine Auricula “Ring of Fire”   J. Cattle.


Rose Bowl & engraved glass for best double Auricula “Cheeky"  T. Atkinson.


Primula Rose Bowl & engraved glass for best Primula  “Ossett Spice”  T. Mitchell.


Ronald Memorial Shield & engraved glass best plant Novices “Ancient Society"  E. Rogers.


Premier Medal awarded this year to B. Coop for "Septimus Green"


                           THE SHOW.