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                      Saturday the 14th of May at Newbottle.

Our final show of the year and more plants benched than i think anyone had dared hope for but there seemed to be that lack of quality that we strive for which has been the theme for this year, the general consensus from the exhibitors and growers is that 2016 will not be noted as a good year for Auriculas but some nice plants all the same to be seen on the day. A sample can be seen below but first the winners and trophy's awarded on the day.


                        WINNERS & TROPHY'S


Harry Leighton Trophy & engraved glass for 4 show Auriculas,                                B. Coop


North East Group Plate & engraved glass for best edged Auricula  "Gruner Veltliner" M. Forster


Durham Plate & engraved glass for best self Auricula “Lamp Black ”                      T. Newton


Bishop’s Plate & engraved glass for best alpine Auricula “Vera”                             J. Cattle


Rose Bowl & engraved glass for best double Auricula “Daisy Wood”                      T. Atkinson


Primula Rose Bowl & engraved glass for best Primula  “P. Sieboldii”                      J.  Grey


Ronald Memorial Shield & engraved glass best plant Novices “Paphos”                M. Galliford


Premier Medal Awarded for the Double Auricula "Cheeky" to                               T. Atkinson


Cheeky_&_Lincoln_Bullion front

front "cheeky" premier

Daisy_Wood Best in Section

Best in Section

Gruner_Veltliner Best Edged

Best Edged

Lamp_Black Best Self

Best Self

Sieboldii Best Primula

Best Primula

Vera Best Alpine

Best Alpine