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Newbottle show 12


             NAPS Northern Section Auricula Show.

                         Saturday 12th of May 2012 at Newbottle


A really nice show and enjoyed by all who were there, I hope you enjoy seeing just a sample of the plants there on the day if you didn't go, but first a little information about the plants and their owners and winners on the day.

The North East Trophy for best set of 4 show auriculas went to C. Gill, Chris was also awarded the North East Group Plate for Best Edged Show Auricula with "Clipper" and also the Durham Plate for best Self with "Sunny Brow".

The Primula Rose Bowl was awarded to V.Self for her plant of "Primula Modesta Fauriae Alba" judged to be the best primula in show. S.Wilson was awarded the Ronald Memorial Shield for his plant of "Ancient Society"  judged to be the best plant in the Novices Section and J. Gray was awarded The Rose Bowl for best Double auricula in show with his plant of "Chiquita".

The Bishops Plate, and Premier Medal for best plant in show was awarded to J.Cattle for his plant of  "Stella South".

Chiquita Best Double Auricula

Best Double Auricula

Clipper Sest Show Auricula

Best Show Auricula

Modesta_Fauriae_Alba Best Primula

Best Primula

Sunny_Brow Best Self

Best Self

Stella_South Best Plant in Show

Best Plant in Show