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                      SATURDAY MAY 8th 2010 at NEWBOTTLE.

Below are pictures of some of the Auriculas and Primulas that graced the benches at this our last show of the year, first a short list of the winners on the day.

T. Atkinson won the Bishops Plate for best Alpine with his plant of "Sophie" and went on to get the Premier medal for the best plant in show with "Sophie"

C. Gill was awarded the North East Trophy as winner of Class 1 for 4 Show Auriculas and R. Taylor won the North East Group Plate for best Edged Auricula with "Sappho".

J. Davison won the Durham Plate for the best Self Auricula with "Sharon Louise" and H. Wood received an engraved glass for best Double Auricula with "Daisy Wood".

L. Key won the Ronald Memorial Shield for best Auricula in the Novice section with "Ancient Society" and V. Self won the Primula Rose Bowl for best Primula with "Kisum Krishna"

An excellent show to end our show season and enjoyed by all who attended, I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures.