N.A.P.S.                              NORTHERN  SECTION.
                                          NOTICE   BOARD.        LAST UPDATED  12-10-17

This page is for the use of members to keep up to date with current and up and coming events within the society and local groups, if any members have anything they think will be of interest or information for fellow members, dates and events etc please let me have them by email or snail mail and I will post them here.

                                                   2017 YEARBOOK.

All yearbooks to members were posted yesterday, UK members should receive their copy by Saturday 30-09-17 but please leave it until mid next week, if you haven't received your copy by then please let me, (the Secretary) know by email or phone and I will look into it. Overseas members yearbooks can take anything from a week to several weeks (sorry we send them first class air mail so cant do any better,) and again given the appropriate time limit please let me know if you don't receive your copy, thank you.

                     IMPORTANT, AGM INFORMATION 2017.

I am sure you will be aware that our AGM takes place on Saturday the 28th of October at the Buckles Inn as in previous years, we have been told the venue is under new management and we have sought to secure a good deal for our members regarding refreshments etc. Firstly Tea and Coffee will be provided for our members for the whole day free of charge, the bar will be open but I am afraid that you will have to buy your own drinks from the bar . Hot cooked meals have in the past caused problems and delays to the days events so we don't want to repeat this, however the Manager has offered us a hot Buffet Lunch which will be laid out for members to help them selves at lunch time at £6-00 a head. To decide if this is a viable option for our members to take up could you please let me know if you would be interested in taking up this offer by email to me at, zen142210@zen.co.uk for our information and that of the Buckles Inn, to give some idea of numbers if enough want to take up the offer. You can of course bring your own lunch but would have to eat it in in your car, please let me know at your soonest if you are wanting to order the Hot Buffet and I will send another email  to let you know if we can do this or not before the event. I will also send the full days agenda probably next week by email but there will be print off copies of the agenda on seats at the AGM as usual. Please contact me if you want to know anything regarding the AGM and I will help all I can, we hope you will all attend and make it a really good event.

                                              E.BULLETINS RESTARTED.

I have now received a number of members email addresses to re start the e.bulletins Bob Taylor used to send to members wanting to be included in this, i have over 60 members email addresses now and still receiving them. If you want to receive news re the Northern section or news passed on by other sections through me please let me have your email address to be included. If you are on the list and want to be taken off just let me know and you will be taken off, its as easy as that.


                     HARROGATE SHOW 2017.

It is with the greatest of pleasure i can inform you that the Northern Section have been awarded a Premier Gold and Cup for our Societies display at Harrogate this year, the show opens to the public today and closes Sunday at around 4-00 pm so if you get a chance to go please call by the display and have a chat with some of our small but dedicated team who provided the plants time and skill to produce this wonderful display, Mark and our team are to be congratulated once again for their time and dedication to do this in the name of our Society. I will put pictures into a page for the website of the display at my soonest, below is a few words Mark has asked me to convey.

"I would like to to thank all the Harrogate Team for their ongoing support in achieving a fourth Premier Gold Award at the Harrogate Spring Flower show 2017, also with the added bonus of a Silver Cup for best specialist educational Exhibit. This has been an amazing achievement for  such a challenging season for all growers. May I also thank those who donated plants for the exhibit without these stunning plants there would not have been such a show stopping exhibit. Massive thanks to you all".
Mark Anthony Nuttall.
Harrogate Show coordinator.


The new Primula pictures page has now been added to the website you can access it by clicking on the "Pictures Gallery" tag, all the picture pages can now be accessed via this link on the home page, there is still a shortage of good pictures coming in so I would appeal for good pictures of primulas and auriculas for use in the future, many thanks to those who have contributed pictures.

Please note, due to circumstances Derek Salt's website on Double Auriculas is no longer available, he is going to continue through face book though he tells me and the link to keep up with what Derek is doing is https://www.facebook.com/dereks.doubleauriculas

IMPORTANT,  Circumstances have meant we have had to have a close look at our Library and Archives recently and their contents and this is ongoing at this time. We have discovered we are a few copies short of giving us a second full set of old yearbooks, our plan is to have a full set in the Library which we have, and a full set as back up in the Archives. Further to this we are currently finalising the small hard drive Bob Taylor started by putting the final few latter-day copies on there that Bob didn't get to and this will then be a full set and placed in the Archives for members to borrow to look at, or make their own copies from it if they want to do so. So can members please check which old yearbook copies they may have spare if any (we don't want members giving up their own personal copies received from joining the Society ) and consider donating them back to the Society. As a guide we would like copies 1912 to 1921, 1925 to1927, 1941 to 1945 classed as the war years and some were not produced or very limited books, 1954, 1991 and 2005. Any of these would be gratefully received, if you can help please contact the Secretary by email or phone, details of which can be found on the website, thank you.

IMPORTANT, subs were due for renewal on the 1st of January this year and must be paid no later than the 28th of February (as agreed at the AGM 2016), by standing order preferably or Direct Debit, cheques are fine and any other method you use. If they are not paid by the end of February you could be removed from the membership list and wont receive news letters and yearbooks, if your membership lapses you can re join by notifying the Treasurer with payment but yearbooks etc are ordered according to the membership list at the prevailing time and if they have all gone I am afraid we will not be able to provide you with one for that year. To avoid disappointment and prevent additional work for those involved please make sure you pay your subs now if you haven't already, thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

The New Members Booklets.

Members should receive the Spring news letter shortly along with 2 new booklets, the first being the new revised 3 show schedule booklet and also the new revised Members Handbook. We hope you approve of these booklets and find them informative to help you get the very best from growing and showing, and we are indebted to our Committee and Sub Committees for their time and commitment to produce these booklets for us. Please look after them, replacements can be obtained at a nominal charge of £1-00 and these booklets can be obtained at our shows and events or by contacting the Secretary or Vice President, new members will automatically be sent a free copy of each on joining, current members have just received free copies. The contents of these booklets can now be found on the website, the Schedule on the "Shows" page of the website and the "Members Handbook" can be found on the "Information" page, you should be able to print off your own versions should you need to but it will print in A4 and not in A5 as the booklet hard copies are. This is to make the version on the website web page friendly. It may be wise to dispose of previous versions of the Grow and show booklet and previous schedules to avoid confusion by working from past publications or store them safely out of the way to avoid using them.


                     OUR 2017 SEED EXCHANGE IS NOW CLOSED.

 Thanks to all members who have donated seed for the Exchange, i know demand always exceeds supply but i hope you got at least some of what you wanted and please make a note to do a few crosses this year to give spare seed to the seed exchange for the next exchange when it opens again early next year. A big thank you to Chris our seed exchange manager for looking after the seed exchange so well for our Society and our members.

                                               New Auricula Website

Details of a new Auricula website created this year 2016 by Martin Greggor can be found at the following www.auriculas.me I believe it is still work in progress but a nice start so check it out.                                             

                                      Wakefield Group.

Syllabus still to be decided but the usual dates still apply, i.e. 3rd Thursday bi monthly starting in January, all welcome.             


                          NAPS NORTHERN SECTION NOW ON TWITTER

 "The 2014 Northern Section AGM discussed using social media to support and increase the membership of NAPS.  A meeting of the Committee in February 2015 agreed to establish a Twitter account to promote the work of the Section.  You can now follow us on Twitter using #NAPS North."

                                          PLEASE NOTE.


Our first meeting of 2015 will be held on Thursday the 15th of January at the club house of Ossett Cricket Club and Ossett Albion FC in Ossett. Address is "Dimple Wells Lane" Ossett and the post code for Sat Nav users is WF5 8JT.Simple directions for anyone who knows the way to the Primula Show in Ossett are to turn left as you come out of the Primula Show Venue and go to the bottom of that road, turn left again and go down to a pub called "THE TAP" on the left hand side of the road (its only 0.2 miles from the Primula venue to this pub) there is a small sign opposite the pub for Ossett CC and Ossett Albion FC where you turn right. A very short distance in is a left turn, avoid this and go straight ahead, again there is a small sign at the narrow entrance, once through the entrance turn right up to the club house, there is plenty of parking. Normal times for the meetings, appx 7-30 to 9-30 pm. Please phone or email T. Mitchell if you have any questions about this.                                


New additions at the bottom of the Allionii Data page supplied by Chris Banham on pure Allionii that he has raised over the years, he tells me that they are mostly available with a number of Nurseries now stocking many of them, we thank him for his efforts in raising new varieties and for making them available to all who care to seek them out.                                 

                                        NEW AURICULA & PRIMULA SOCIETY.

Members who attended the AGM in October will recall that Mark Hutson and Alison Goldie of Angus Plants mooted the idea of setting up a Scottish Auricula and Primula Society. They have wasted little time and Alison has asked me to let members know of their progress. Her message is below.

We are getting on apace with the necessary processes to start up The Scottish Auricula and Primula Society. Mark has put a very basic first page of a website up online so that we are at least “out there’'.
The website address is   www.thescottishauriculaandprimulasociety.com             

There is also a link to this from the Angusplants website.

Contact email address is   secretary@thescottishauriculaandprimulasociety.com       
This is almost completely set up.
When membership forms become available, a notice will be put on the website to this effect. Probably quite soon.
We hope to hold an AGM later this year (probably around September 2014) – date and venue still to be arranged.
The first annual show will be held around the 3rd weekend of May 2015 – again, date and venue still to be arranged.
As soon as we have all the relevant details organised we shall put them on the website.
In the course of the above process we have discovered that there was a previous society, The Scottish Primula and Auricula Society that ran from 1887 to 1892. They held 3 Exhibitions in Edinburgh, and the last 3 in Dundee.
We would be very interested to know if anyone else has any information about this old Society?

I am sure we all wish every success to Mark & Alison, and look forward to hearing more from them on this new and exciting venture.


NAPS (Northern) Digitized Yearbooks. 1904-2000 +.

1. The yearbooks have been saved as high quality TIFF files. A consequence of this is that the files are large, typically 7 Mbytes for a double page. There is far too much to put on the website.

2. Pre 1940 the books vary from 8 to 25 scans. Post 1945 they are typically 35 scans and for several years 1960-1972 there were two parts. 

3. If your internet connection is not very fast, downloading the files can be a bit tedious. A typical volume is 250-500Mbytes. 

4. A contents index (1904-1994)

5. For each issue, the file containing the contents page (where there is one) is labelled.  You can then estimate which scan contains the article you desire.  .

6. The yearbooks or individual articles can be obtained by arrangement  either electronically-
using the Seagate Share portal. Yearbooks are available one at a time by this method.

7. Copyright remains with the Society.

8. For more information or copies of these digital files please contact Mr L Key at leonard.key@blueyonder.co.uk

                       NOTE, NEW ADDITIONS TO SHOWS PAGE.

The "Shows" page now contain rules and regulations for exhibitors and the show schedules for our 3 shows as well as advice and helpful tips on exhibiting.


                           ARTICLES FOR THE YEARBOOK.


Our Editor elected at the AGM in October 2011 is Kate Gwillym, could you now send articles for the yearbook to Kate please, she is happy to receive articles in print (hard copy) or by email or by attachment to email or on a disc, her email address is kate.gwillym@btopenworld.com    and her postal address for hard copies is, 37 Keswick Rd, South Moor, Stanley, County Durham, DH9 7QT.            

                                                      NEW LINK ADDED.

I have added a link to the Danish Primula Club website on the links page, mainly in Danish but there is a page in English, Details of membership etc, they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year and we send our congratulations to them.                                                                                                                                 

                                        ADDITIONS TO DOUBLE AURICULAS PAGE.

I have added some varieties of Double Auriculas to the "AURICULA DATA DOUBLES" page, thanks to Derek Salt for providing the information.

                                                        New links. 

A link has been added to the links page to Richard Austin's Double Auricula website, nice website with excellent pictures of some of the newly raised varieties, well worth checking out .


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