The following are links that you may find useful to other Societies and groups who specialise in Primulas and Auriculas both in the UK and abroad.

Midland & West Section.

Information and great pictures regarding the Midland and West section of the National Auricula and Primula Society.

Southern Section.   [new address]

Good Information and pictures regarding the Southern section of the National Auricula and Primula Society.

Scottish Auricula & Primula Society

See the notice board for more information on this new Society.

Kent Group  [new] website of the Kent group best wishes and continued success to our friends down at the Kent Group, nice website.

Swedens Auricula Club

American Primrose Society.       Note new address

Great website of the American primrose Society, lots of information and great pictures of Primulas and Auriculas by our friends at the other side of the big pond. 

Primula World.

Great website by Pam Eveleigh in Canada, contains excellent pictures of Primulas, many in natural habitats, great website if you need to identify some of your primulas. 

Primula Discussion Group.

This is the on line International Primula Discussion Group, members from all parts of the world, from Nepal to Norway, help and advice by fellow members in all aspects of growing showing and obtaining all things Primula. Picture Gallery, letters page and twice weekly chat room sessions where you can ask questions direct and hopefully receive an answer direct to your primula questions, novices, and the more advanced growers and exhibitors alike, all welcome to join this group.

New Auricula website 2016.

New personal website by Martin Greggor who hopes to build an informative website for pleasure and to give information on all things Auricula.

                                     Derek Salt's Double Auriculas Page

Derek Salt's website on Double Auriculas is no longer available, he can now be found on face book at

Primulas for Pleasure & Double Auriculas

Note this is the new website address for Richard Austin's previous 2 websites which are now combined at this address. Lots of good Primula and Auricula pictures on this site by Richard Austin especially Double Auriculas and Southern Section plants plus good information.

Central Siberian Botanical Garden  Novosibirsk Russia 

 Link provided by Nataliya Kovtonyuk, these links are to pages of the above Botanical garden in Novosibirsk, good pictures of primulas native to the region. [pages can be slow loading so please be patient]

Danish Primula Club

Website of the Danish Primula Club, text mainly in Danish but there is a page in English.

The Ancient Society of York Florists

Website of the Ancient Society of York Florists, some of the members of the Auricula societies  exhibit at this show in the Spring where there are a number of classes for both Auriculas & Primulas


Search Engine Colossus

The following link is for the International Directory of search engines, it lists many countries all over the world and a number of search engines for each country many you may never have heard of, many in English language, you may find it useful if your normally used search engine doesn't find what you are looking for 

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