Harrogate 2006, The N A P S Northern Section Display


The pictures below are of the N A P S Northern section display of Auriculas and Primulas at the Harrogate Spring flower show, held annually around the end of April at the "Great Yorkshire Show Ground" at Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. This year the Judges of the North of England Horticultural Society awarded the NAPS Northern Section GOLD for this display. Thanks go to the whole team who made it possible.

 The display viewed from the right hand side shows the assortment of primulas  displayed in terracotta pots on 3 different base mediums. To the left front of the display the base is old terracotta roof tiles laid side by side. The centre section was covered in dried Beech leaves and the right hand side front covered by a layer of fine washed Alpine grit. All the plants on the display were grown by Society members and loaned to us for use on this display, the display was built in one day. It was then  manned by a team of members over the 4 days of the show to offer help and advice to fellow members of the Society and members of the general public visiting the show in all aspects of Auricula and Primula cultivation.

 This front view shows the stand covered in black fabric much favoured by Florists over many years of their history, and the pots of auriculas sat on the "Staging" in 3 rows on black velvet. The Auricula Theatre as they became known became the favoured way of the Florists to display their precious and much prized plants. The auriculas were put in terracotta pots longer than the normal size pot and are still known as "Long Toms", here a shorter version of individually hand thrown pots are used for convenience and to keep weight to a minimum on what is only a light display frame.


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