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   NAPS Northern Section at Harrogate 2019.

                      Thursday 25th of April to Sunday 28th of April 2019.

Yet another difficult year for our members given the fluctuating weather conditions this year worst of all the mini heat wave we got in February followed by other opposite  extremes. Huge congratulations to our team who despite everything produced a wonderful display gaining us another Premier Gold award for their dedication and hard work setting up the display on Wednesday the 24th of April. Fears of being short of help to set up this year were overcome by new members coming forward to help set up and Man (and Woman) the stand over the 4 days of the show and we are indebted to them and hope they enjoyed the experience enough to want to help again next year. Pictures this year were taken by Alan Clelland a sample of which can be seen below by kind permission. A huge thank you to the whole team who made this possible by providing the wonderful plants on the display and their skill and dedication in producing them to allow the public a chance to see the exceptional Primulas & Auriculas our members grow.

                HARROGATE  2019.