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           Saturday 6th of May at Cheadle in Cheshire.

It has been another unkind year and season for our members and seems to get harder every year to get quality plants we seek to exhibit at our shows so anyone who benched plants at this years show deserve our thanks and admiration. No Premier medals were awarded at this show but i am sure all who made the journey were happy at the outcome and it proved better than many had dared hope for. I hope you enjoy seeing my selection of some of the plants seen on the day below but first the list of winners and trophy,s below.




The Society Show Cup [Most points Section1]                               C.M. Gill.

 The Society Alpine Cup [Most points Section 2]                            J.Eddington.

 Society Gold-laced Polyanthus Cup [Highest aggregate points]      J.Eddington.

 Society Seedling Trophy [Best exhibit Show Seedling Classes]       C.M Gill.

 The Newton Trophy [Best grey-edged auricula]                            B.Coop.

 The Teem Trophy [Best green-edged auricula]                              C.M Gill.

 Tim Coop Trophy [Best exhibit in class for 3 selfs]                         G. Zoeller.

 Richard Westwood Trophy [Best show self]                                 J.Powell.

 Riddle Trophy [Best entry in alpine seedling classes]                     K.Bowser.

 The Faulkner Trophy [Best exhibitor raised alpine]                       B Thompson.

 The Baxter Cup [ Best exhibit Section 1a]                                   No Award.

 J.W. Midgley Memorial Cup [Most points Section 1a]                    No Award.

 R. H. Briggs Cup [Most points Section 2a]                                    A.Clelland.

 J. H. Stant Centenary Trophy [Best plant Section 2a]                   A.Clelland.

 The Salt Pot [ Most points in doubles classes]                              D.A.Tilt

 Monica Whorton Salver [Best entry 1 seedling double]                 D.A.Tilt.

 The Ferns Cup [Most points Section 6]                                         A.Thorpe.

 Bracewell Cup [ Best plant in Section 6]                                      E.Pickin.

 The Hunter Cup [Most points in Show]                                       C.M.Gill.

 Premier Show [Section 1]                                                       No Award.

 Premier Alpine [Section2]                                                                 No Award.

Premier Double [Section 3]                                                               No Award.


Best in Sections.

Section 1, C.M.Gill        Seedling.

Section 2, J.Cattle       Seedling 80502.

Section 3,  R.Woods    Prima.

Section 4, L.Peacock   Fleet Street.

Section 5, J.Eddington GLP.

Section 6, E. Pickin      Primula Sieboldii Alba.


                                  THE SHOW.

Best_Alpine_ 080502 Best Alpine
Best_Alpine_ 080502

Best Alpine

Best_GLP Best GLP

Best GLP

Gavin _Ward Best Grey Edged
Gavin _Ward

Best Grey Edged

Moulin_Rouge Best Self

Best Self

Prima Best Double

Best Double

Primula_ Sieboldii Best Primula
Primula_ Sieboldii

Best Primula

Self_seedling Best Self Seedling

Best Self Seedling

Show_Seedling Best Green Edged

Best Green Edged