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Cheadle Show 2011


             Saturday 7th of May 2011 at Cheadle.

Despite a difficult year and fears of a none event on Saturday 7th of May some exhibitors managed to bench at least a few more plants than we expected though the number of plants benched were well down in numbers on a normal (if there is such a thing as normal in our fancy) year. Four Trophies were not awarded this year but below is the list of the winners and Trophies that were awarded at this show.

The Society Show Cup for most points in section 1 went to T. Rapley, the Society Alpine Cup for most points in section 2 went to A.Thorps. The J.W.Midgley Cup for most points in section 1a went to D Mellor and the R.H.Briggs Cup for most points in section 2a went to G.Zoeller. The Salt Pot for most points in the Doubles classes went to D.Salt. The Ferns Cup for most points in section 6 went to D.Thompson and the Hunter Cup for  Most points in show went to D.Mellor.

The Richard Westwood Trophy for the best Self went to R.Gosney for "Sharon Louise" and the Faulkner Trophy for best exhibit in class 30 went to K.Bowser for "Kevin". The Baxter Cup for best exhibit in section 1a went to D.Mellor for "Prague" and the J.H.Stant Trophy for best plant in section 2a went to G.Zoeller for "Avril Hunter", the Bracewell Cup for the best exhibit in section 6 the Primula section was awarded to E.Pickin for his plant of Primula Sieboldii.

Premier Alpine Medal was awarded to A.Thorps for "Quarry Lane"

The Monica Whorton Salver for best Double Seedling was awarded to P. Salt and this yellow seedling was also awarded the Premier Medal for Best Double Auricula.

The Newton Trophy for best Grey Edged was awarded to B.Taylor for "Pikey" and he was also awarded the Teem Trophy for the best Green Edged with a seedling of his own raising, this seedling was also awarded a Premier Medal as the Premier Show Auricula.