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NAPS.Northern Section

                                                Cheadle Show 2009

Below is a selection of the Auriculas and Primulas seen at our Annual Auricula show with classes for Primulas held at Cheadle the 2nd of May 2009. Plants to note were WARWICK the Grey Edged which won the Newton Trophy for Chris Gill, Chris also won the Teem Trophy for his Green Edged plant of CHLOE, the Judges decided not to award a premier medal on this occasion for the Show Auriculas, there were some good plants on display but none of the high standard required to be awarded the Premier medal.

Best Alpine Auricula HEARTS of GOLD was shown by Keith Leeming and was awarded the Premier medal. Best Double Auricula was shown by Pat Salt, it was a SEEDLING and it won best Double seedling and also went on to win Best Double Auricula and the Premier medal. George Mander won the Richard Westwood Trophy for his Yellow Self APRIL MOON. John Mercer won the Bracewell Cup for best Primula with a MARGINATA x SEEDLING and Vera Mander won the Class for a TABLE DECORATION. Terry Mitchell was awarded the GLP Cup for most points over the 2 shows, (Ossett & Cheadle)

In the Novice section and high standards best show Auricula was BRASSO shown by Niel Tyers, best Alpine was JAMES LYLES shown by Garry Hammerton and best Double Auricula was CHIQUITA shown by Doreen Thompson. This is just a small sample of the wonderful plants on show on the day, sorry i cant show you them all but i hope you enjoy seeing these.